About us

About us

The history

Scheria is a proper family business with a rich history. For many years Scheria has been known in Stompwijk. The company started in 1925 with Mr. Kees van Santen and on 1 January 1965 it was taken over by his 3 sons, Jac, Leo and Kees van Santen. Since January 2000 the current management consists of the cousins Coen, Sjoerd and Frank van Santen.

Scheria started with selling milk, cheese, butter and eggs. In those days it was normal to turn the cheeses manually, to pack dairy butter in 250 grams packages and to deliver the orders with a cargo bike.

Previously chicken could only be sold via poultrymen. In 1972 it was decided to loosen these rules a bit and the butchers and supermarkets were also allowed to sell chicken. Therefore, the three gentlemen came up with the idea to expand their assortment in addition to the diary assortment. Many people declared that this was the end of Scheria, but over the years they have really proved themselves.

Soon the farm was too small and Scheria had to move. So the new building was constructed in 2000.

In order to go with the times Scheria has many machines but much is still manually processed every day to maintain the best quality.

Every day they receive hundreds of orders that are processed and directly prepared. Scheria does not operate from stock, every day more than 70 people are at work and maybe they are busy with your order.

1965 Scheria’s first car


Our clientele includes wholesalers, various supermarket chains, the better (free range) butchers and poultrymen where we deliver quality meat in both bulk as consumer packaging. We produce under the brand name “Scheria” and also under private labels.

Thanks to our close cooperation with Europe’s largest and most modern slaughterhouse we can deliver a consistent and good quality. In addition, we buy our turkey products directly from France and we have close connections with the largest game importers of Europe. Due to the increasing demand and awareness of the consumer we have added the Gildehoen, Scharrelhoen and Polderhoen chicken to our assortment. We manage the complete process, from the egg to the piece of chicken meat on your plate.

Our customers have been appreciating our quality for many years, therefore Scheria has grown to become one of the best suppliers of chicken, turkey and game products and is thereby a very competent and reliable business partner.

The old delivery note from 1949.