Game, free-range meat directly from nature.

The whole year round we sell various types of game. Mainly in winter and during the festive season people eat a lot of game. But also outside the regular season, game is served more and more often. Game is becoming a more and more accessible product. Game is not just delicious it is also healthy.

After all, game is free-range meat that feeds itself with all the good things from nature. You can come to Scheria for exotic types of meat. But also the “normal” deer steak is part of our assortment.

We have duck, rabbit, goose, pheasant, guinea fowl, wild boar, red deer, hare, deer, ostrich, wild pigeons, game sauces, Christmas specialities and much more. Everything is available in bulk but also per portion, fresh or frozen including preparation method, so you can easily serve a special dish.

On the site of wildplaza you will not just find many game recipes but also much information about the various types of game and the game industry.

Here you can download your game list