The quality of food is become more and more important The quality of food is become more and more important Organic food is eaten more and more and also the mediaspends a lot of attention on our food chain. What exactly do we eat, how and where is it produced and how can weserve it as fresh and delicious as possible?

Scheria wants to help its customers with the protection of the consumer. Therefore, the principles of HACCP areapplied. Plus, Scheria complies with all other legal obligations that are applicable. Scheria uses an effectivequality system and every day we try to lift this qualitysystem to a higher level for you and for your customer. Scheria imposes high requirements on the products and is FSSC 22000 certified. To maintain this high quality Scheriaalso closely cooperates with Précon Food Management.

Quality is not just important within our company, we also impose high requirements on our suppliers. Because of our track and tracing system we can retrieve the origin, slaughter, production and packing date of every product within a few minutes.

Besides PSSC 22000 we have obtained the following quality certificates. On the website of the various authorities you will find more information about the imposed standards and quality requirements.

Thanks to the cooperation with regular slaughterhouses the origin of the meat is known and we are able to deliver consistent quality.

To request a certificate (animal protection, halal etc.) you can contact our quality team. Available via the e-mail address info@scheria.nl of via our contactformulier.

We will process and send your request as soon as possible.