Graze chicken

Gras kip

Lekker en gezond!

Graze chicken

Animals become very happy if they are given the opportunity to follow their natural instincts. Pure Graze ® Graze Chickens are number outside all day where they graze in Salad buffets ®, composed of outside all day where they graze in Salad buffets ®, composed of 22 types of grass, clovers and herbs and they can shelter in cabins. Chickens do not like cold weather, therefore Graze chickens are a real seasonal product.

How does it work
  • We use slowly growing breeds.
  • We use slowly growing breeds.
  • The chickens arrive at the farmer as a day-old chick.
  • Here they are raised with a temperature of around 36 degrees.
  • After the first week, the temperature is gradually lowered.
  • This way the chickens get accustomed to lower temperatures.
  • After 2 to 3 weeks they go outside in the field.
  • A movable shelter is available per couple that they can access and exit freely.
  • The farmer moves the chickens every day.
  • This way we optimise the intake of grasses, clovers and herbs.
  •  And the chickens get a clean field every day.
  • They get additional feed that contains regional grains and protein from Europe.
  • When they are 7 to 8 weeks old they are slaughtered.
  • They are not treated with antibiotics.
  • If treatment is required we use alternative means.
  • Or we sell the meat in the regular circuit.
  • Our guarantee is that meat from Pure Graze comes from animals that have never been treated.
Delicious and healthy

The power of nature is health. Fresh plants that are eaten by the animals offer a rich range of minerals and vitamins. The UV radiation of the sun, the hydrogen peroxide that naturally occurs in rain, fog and dew, clean everything they touch.

Therefore, the fields are so important!
Therefore, there is no need for antibiotics.

The meat of the Pure Graze Chickens tastes delicious, with a lovely smell.