Scharrelhoen chicken


Scharrelhoen chicken


Burgundy Scharrelhoen chicken has, in cooperation with Scheria, focused on keeping poultry in an animal friendly, small-scale and traditional way in the stables on the Veluwe with outdoor access into the fields.


In recent years the bio-industry has completely ignored the flavour and meat quality of our average piece of chicken. The aim was to produce a very affordable chicken. This has resulted in too rapid growth and low human living conditions. However, more and more consumers want to eat real chicken meat again with a traditional flavour and indeed see the importance of good living conditions for the animals. The slaughter age of the Scharrelhoen chicken is 56 days (normal 35 days).


The chicks emerge from the egg and immediately get a heated place in a stable provided with straw. In contrast to the modern farm, the chicks grow up at their own pace. When the chicks get bigger they can go outside to forage for their own food.


The feed that is given to the Scharrelhoen chicken is specially made with at least 70% grains that are rich with herbs and without any additives to stimulate growth or antibiotics. The feed is distributed inside and outside every day to stimulate the foraging.

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