Poulet D´Yvonne

Poulet D´Yvonne


This French free-range chicken has been given the opportunity to extensively forage around outside on an animal friendly farm in the middle of France.

In the Bourgogne on the small river the l’Yvonne there are small-scale stables with outdoor access into the fields. Every morning grain is distributed to make the free-range chickens forage around in the field.

The Poulet d’Yvonne is a slow-growing breed and is fed with feed without any additives that stimulate the growth or antibiotics. Because the free-range chickens can show natural behaviour and have a stress-free life they stand out in terms of vitality and this benefits the flavour. Therefore, the meat is very tender and has a strong flavour at the same time. The slaughter age of the Poulet d’Yvonne is 56 days.

The initiative takers of the Poulet d’Yvonne guarantee you a free-range chicken that has had an animal friendly life with the greatest care. This is checked by the French inspection authorities. Plus, the Poulet d’Yvonne is awarded with 2 stars Beter Leven Keurmerk (quality mark) of the animal protection authority.